Akureyri City Theatre

The Akureyri City Theatre is in the heart of the northern city of Akureyri, in a newly renovated theatre which seats 210 spectators. Besides that the theatre owns another stage, a „Black box“ with up to 150 seats. In 2010 a new Cultural house, Hof, opened in Akureyri and that adds one stage for The Akureyri City Theatre to use, with auditorium for 500 people Each year the company stages four to seven productions independently or in collaboration with other companies, as well as producing numerous shorter performances and programs. The company has been in collaboration with companies at home and abroad and aims for an even wider collaboration with various companies in the coming years. A number of new Icelandic writing has premiered at Akureyri City Theatre and its artists regularly work with authors on developing new works. In addition to the production side, Akureyri City Theatre emphasizes heavily on theatre education for children and youngsters and runs it‘s own theatre school for young people at the age of 9-16 years old.

Ragnheiður Skúladóttir is the artistic director of Akureyri City Theatre.

Contact: ragnheidur@leikfelag.is

Further information: http://www.leikfelag.is/