Possible Theatre

Founded in 1990, The Possible Theatre (Möguleikhúsið) is a professional theatre company specializing in performances for children and young people. It is The Possible Theatre's aim to ensure easy access to its performances for everyone, and so they travel around the country to perform their shows, mostly at pre-, primary-, and middle schools. This approach opens up theater to children, hopefully as an organic part of the school curriculum. And that is why the theatre has found a secure place in Icelandic society and has become a mainstay for the cultural- and theatrical upbringing of children around the country. The Possible Theatre has toured with its productions abroad and taken part in international theatre festivals. The theatre has also received visits from foreign theater companies. From 1990 to date, The Possible Theatre has produced 33 new plays for children and young people. Annually the theatre plays around 150 performances all around the country for an audience of 15.000 – 20.000.


Pétur Eggerz is the artstic director of Possible Theatre: moguleikhusid@moguleikhusid.is


Further information: http://www.moguleikhusid.is/moguleikhusid/english/