Reykjavík City Theatre

Reykjavik City Theatre (RCT), Borgarleikhúsid, stages approx 13 new productions annually, in addition to hosting a variety of collaborations with other theatre companies. Its audience tallies range from 150,000 – 220,000 per annum, making it the most popular theatre in Iceland. The Company employs 200 people including a permanent ensemble of 25 actors.The company draws on a richly varied repertoire of international and domestic works and prides itself on a strong ensemble dedicated to emancipating young writers and discovering talented new directors. The RCT has co-produced three of the productions of the acclaimed Vesturport theatre group, Romeo and Juliet, Woyzeck and Faust which have extensively travelled the world. Recently RCT has seen a surge in international collaborations, and are dedicated to fostering further ties and relations with renowned colleagues abroad.


The artistic director of RCT is Magnús Geir Þórðarson


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