This website is run by The Performing Arts Iceland, LSI, the umbrella organisation of all performing arts organisations in the country, institutions, festivals, free groups and unions. LSI was founded in 1972.

The president and spokesperson of LSI is Marta Nordal.

Public relation manager of LSI is Ásgerdur Júlíusdottir

Contact information

The Performing Arts association LSI
Lindargata 6
101 Reykjavik
Email of president: stage@stage.is
Telephone + 354 694 9094
Email of PR manager: asgerdur@stage.is
Telephone + 354 665 6104

LSI is the owner of the Icelandic performing arts awards, Gríman, hosted each year in June. The website of Griman is http://www.griman.is, from 2012 all new informations on Griman can be found on LSI website http://stage.is/icelandic/griman/