First we take Manhattan, then...The Nordics on Stage

02. Sep 2011

Symposium held by Performing Arts Iceland at Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik Sept 4th 11 am

Lecturer: Åsa Edgren, director, Loco World

First we take Manhattan, then...The Nordics on Stage In her lecture Åsa will introduce to the Icelandic performing arts community the joint Nordic action under way to gain higher visibility and recognition for the work of Nordic performing artists in North America. She will speak about the agency work of Loco World since 2004 and its working relationship with artists and give examples of how strategic planning has increased economic turnover and exposure of performing artists. She will speak of visions and how to put them to life, motivation as starting point for successful international achievement, elements of time, branding, planning and negotiation techniques with a focus on the international market.

Performing Arts Iceland(PAI) welcomes Åsa´s lecture as it is planning a festival and forum in 2012 with a focus on the Nordic creator, a venture known as the Nordic theatre days, held every 2nd year in a Nordic city. PAI is also in the process of establishing a Dance and Theatre info centre in Iceland, in close collaboration with Ministry of Culture. The info centre is a much needed unit and will, without doubt, be an important collaboration partner in joint nordic and international projects, in the future. Åsa Edgren is the director of Loco World, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1997 she has managed tours and productions for companies and artists as Philippe Blanchard, Charlotte Engelkes,Gunilla Heilborn, Sirqus Alfon, Cullberg Ballet, The Göteborg Ballet, Helsinki Dance Company, Skånes Dance Theatre and Stockholm's City Theatre, to name a few. Åsa Edgren initiated and runs The Fair project, for the third consecutive year. 27 Swedish choreographic activities are involved. She is one of the driving forces behind the Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian cooperation in promoting Nordic performing artists abroad, which started at Cinars in Montreal in November 2010 and will continue in the project “Nordic Countries on stage in New York 2012”. The NY project is initated with a strategic connection to the proposed Nordic performing arts programme at Kennedy Centre in Washington in March 2013.

First we take Manhattan, then...The Nordics on Stage Åsa Edgren is a much sought for lecturer on the subject of International Arts Management and International touring. Loco World works as a producer, agency and consultant. The company produces, organizes and distributes Swedish performing arts to the world, operates artistic activities for independent artists and institutions, consults arts production companies on various matters and initates national and international projects. Further information: LOCO WORLD • always in motion, Nordic Countries on Stage in New York 2012 , The Fair Project

The Symposium is held as part of LÓKAL theatre and dance festival

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