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Foreign Mountain at the Reykjavik Dance Atelier

24. Feb 2013


Foreign Mountain represents Organ Orchestra at the Reykjavik Dance Atelier February 26th at 20:00

Foreign Mountain is a dance based collective formed by Lotta Suomi, Austeja Vilkaityte. Lea Vendelbo Petersen and Ásrún Magnúsdóttir. They have been working for the last three weeks in Egilsstaðir as part of Wilderness residency program.The project is called Organ Orchestra and consist of a performance and a magazine inspired from the locals of Egilsstaðir. Now they are arriving to Reykjavík to share their experience from the east.

In Dansverkstæði they will present their work together with Disco Music, drinks and answer all of your wildest questions . Maybe they will also perform deleted scenes that didn't appear in the performance in Egilsstaðir. Please join the discussions. No moneys (it is free).

organ orchestra looks to the future.
organ orchestra sees the future.
organ orchestra have an idea of the past.
organ orchestra tries to be here.
organ orchestra is here.
organ orchestra takes the chance.
organ orchestra tries to decide what it is to be here.
organ orchestra tries to look good.
organ orchestra tries to feel the right movements.
organ orchestra tries to avoid bullshit.
organ orchestra tries to feel good.
organ orchestra tries some ready made patterns.
organ orchestra writes scores.
organ orchestra includes a magazine.
organ orchestra uses the european money.
organ orchestra takes airplanes.
organ orchestra reads some theories.
organ orchestra watch tv series.
organ orchestra do not want to believe some things.

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