07. Mar 2013

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This week the New York Times published an article on the growing focus on Nordic Dance in the US.

ICEHOT, Nordic dance platform, in which PAI is a founding partner, is highlighted as a driving force behind various initiatives. The Nordic Cool festival and dance programme, now in full action at the JFK centre in Washington DC, was coordinated with ICEHOT. The Joyce theater in New York is currently presenting three outstanding Nordic companies, under the title of and in collaboration with ICEHOT. The New York Times noted in their article that the Companies directors´ hope is to make contemporary dance from the Nordic region better known abroad and ICEHOT is a strong organization to make just that happen. Interviewed, Virve Sutinen, founder of ICEHOT and artistic director of the Dansens Hus in Stockholm, noted that it is much more worthwhile,for the Nordic Countries to work within ICEHOT together ,to increase the visibility of Nordic dance globally. Martin Wechsler, director of Joyce theatre is familiar with the Nordic contemporary dance scene as he attended ICEHOT in Stockholm 2010 and Helsinki 2012. As he stated in NYTimes he got excited by seeing it all at once and was impressed by the diversity, range and creativity. Therefore, he has now, because of their very different aesthetics, purposely chosen three of the companies performing at Nordic Cool, to perform at Joyce Theater. ICEHOT partners, the houses of dance in Sweden, Norway and Denmar, Dance Info Finland and Performing Arts Iceland, are now in the process of investigating further opportunities for Nordic dance on the north-american market.

The New York Times article can be read here

ICE HOT is a Nordic collaboration project between Dance Info Finland, Dansens Hus Stockholm (Sweden), Dansescenen Copenhagen (Denmark), Dansens Hus Olso (Norway), and Performing Arts Iceland.
The next Icehot platform will be in Oslo, Norway December 2014

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