ICEHOT on the Roll in Helsinki!!!

14. Dec 2012

HDC_youmakeme2_photo Sakari Viika

The Nordic Dance platform ICEHOT is on the roll in Helsinki these days with over 300 dance professionals from about 40 countries worldwide, enjoying the On and off stage performances from the Nordic countries and participating in seminars on various subjects matters.

Performing Arts Iceland is one of the five organizers of ICEHOT and PAI´s president Ása Richardsdottir is in Helsinki enjoying the wintery scenery of Helsinki while participating in the diverse program of ICEHOT, moderating a seminar and discussing the future of ICEHOT with the ICEHOT´s coordinators. ICEHOT is a biannual dance platform scheduled for Oslo 2014, Copenhagen 2016 and Reykjavik 2018.

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