NATIONAL THEATRE OF ICELAND presented at two major Festivals in May.

11. May 2011

The Bergen International Festival Festspillen i Bergen

Gerpla // The happy warriors Gerpla - the happy warriors
The harsh satirical tale of the blood brothers Thorgeir Hávarsson and Thormódur Kolbrúnarskáld has been a huge success on the Reykjavik stage. Now the National Theatre of Iceland visits Bergen with this magnificent though slightly skewed saga from Viking times, presenting some of Iceland’s most highly profiled actors.

The sagas have significantly affected the way the Icelandic people see themselves, as they have to Norwegians. Halldór Laxness, the Nobel Literature laureate, took a new look at the idealized image of Norse culture in his 1952 novel Gerpla (The Happy Warriors). The book, an incisive satire on hero worship and Viking violence, caused a major stir when it was published. It has recently been dramatized for the stage, and the result is an powerful and humorous performance.

The director, Baltasar Kormákur, familiar from several stage plays and films (including 101 Reykjavik), has gone to town with visual and theatrical effects. Gerpla is also a crass comment on warfare, hero-worship and arrogance in our own time.

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ASSITEJ Performing Arts Festival for Young Audiences 2011

Sindri Silfurfiskur // Shimmer the silverfish SHIMMER THE SILVERFISH / SINDRI SILFURFISKUR
By Thjodleikhusid (The National Theatre of Iceland)
To be different – that is all right!
Colorful and compelling puppets in black light theatre. 24 - 26 May 2011

Hafdis is the owner of a small aquarium fish shop.  She opens her shop every day to visiting children. But she does not sell anything and certainly not her beautiful finned friends. She understands their language and they love her stories. She tells the story of her favorite friend, Shimmer the Silverfish.

Shimmer was the happiest silverfish in the sea until one day he was told that he was not good enough. Why, he should be much more stylish! Being a silverfish might even indicate that he was simply a defected goldfish …

Shimmer begins his dangerous journey to find somebody who can help him to become a proper goldfish. Shimmer meets both friends and foes amongst the fascinating creatures of the sea.

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