11. Jan 2016


Welcome to Nordic Performing Arts Days 2016 or simply welcome to DAGARNIR 2016

The Faroe Islands and Leikarafelag Føroya offers a warm welcome to the Nordic Performing Arts Days, which will be held in Tórshavn during May 24th. – 28th. 2016

With guest performances, workshops, seminars, readings, lectures and excursions both at land, sea, in small villages and larger cities, we invite you to join us for five exciting performing arts days in the Faroe Islands.

All Nordic – We bring the Nordic countries to the Faroe Islands in the form off guest performances, workshops, lectures, readings and seminars. We offer a variety of collaborative work created across different languages, cultures and geographical entities, that all investigate the unite Nordic identity.

Focusing on interactivity and audience participation, we investigate new expressions, shapes, concepts and ways to interact with audiences.

Interactive sensoric theatre will be launced for the first time on the islands. An interactive sensoric labyrinth titled Havnin- our City created in collaboration with local and international performers directed by Gabriel Hernandés and Marga Socias from Teatro de Los Sentidos (Barcelona).

New Nordic Drama – A mini festival interwoven into the Performing Arts Days consisting of six contemporary Nordic plays that will form the basis for a five days collaboration by twelve Nordic actors, two from each country. The pieces will be presented as staged readings and performed in the Nordic languages as well as English.

Seminars and workshops – Nordic performance artist encourages to work together with themes such as audience participation, interactivity and inclusion, sensoric theatre, devising, montage technique, performance writing, collective creations, collaborations and writing drama for children – amongst others. It is a variety of workshops and seminars conducted by acknowledged international performance artists. The program will be launched in October 2016.

Leikarafelag Føroya – The Faroees performance art association – and ITI-Faroe Islands will host the Nordic Performing Arts Days 2016 and in collaboration with our Nordic partners in the Network for The Nordic Performing Arts together with the Nordic House in Tórshavn, we will offer our Nordic colleagues and other international guests and local audience five fantastic days in the smallest capital in the world – Or, as the Faroese poet William Heinesen would put it:

Welcome to Navel of The Word


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