Steinunn and Brian Do Art at Cinars 2012

14. Nov 2012

Steinunn and Brian DO art

Brian Gerke and Steinunn Ketilsdóttir will perform their work Steinunn and Brian Do Art in The Usine C Theater at Cinars November 16th.

In their work, Steinunn and Brian examine "art" using original texts, dance, music, lying, stealing, birthing, rehearsing, reversing, time traveling, and mutating In the process, their exploration takes a violent turn off track exposing their relationship; a pathetic exhibition of two desperate, angry people struggling to create something, anything at all.

" At moments tender, at others violent, their work is irresistible in its fearlessness."
Melissa Mylchreest Missoula Independent, Missoula MT, USA- February 23rd, 2012

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