The Festival in Reykjavik 10-11th November 2012

09. Nov 2012

The Festival mynd

The Festival: The Public Live Art Second Chance Fund will be celebrated for the first time at The National Center for Cultural Heritage a.k.a The Culture House during the weekend of 10th and 1th of November 2012. The Festival differs from the traditional form of performance arts festivals in Iceland because it challenges and questions the very form itself. The idea is to have a festival each year that differs from the previous ones in order to boost innovation and experimentation within the field of performance arts both in Iceland and abroad.

The Festival has invited performance artists to send applications, previously rejected by other grant systems. On the 10th of November a committee will gather in the Culture House to assess these applications and choose one project that will receive the Festival´s grant of total 200.000 isk. This method, i.e. to choose a project in front of audience, is a demonstration on how grants are administered within the funding system. The public, aswell as performers and other professionals are welcome to participate in an open discussion on the status and the idea of performance arts.

The Schedule:

Saturday 10/11/2012

10:00-17:00 - Applications evaluation and discussions.

Sunday 11/11/2012

11:00 - 13:00

Future Funding Bodies - Symposium on the funding body in Iceland

The Festival is sponsored by the City of Reykjavik and Young People in Europe

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