The Festival´s Make Space Initiative

They’ve arrived and operating on the inside!

22. Feb 2013


The Festival - Live Art Research and Development Agency is making space for four artists – Eva Ísleifsdóttir, Juli Reinartz, Mari Keski-Korsu and Satu Herrala – to work in residence for 2 weeks as part of The Festival’s Make Space Initiative. A programme that involves each of these four artists working with local people and daily sites to develop work which can be seen to expose and activate spaces and meeting points between aesthetics and politics through Live Art choreographies, aesthetic apparatuses and dramaturgies. Further details of each artist project and the schedule can be found here at the Festival.

From 28th Feb. - 2nd Mar. there will be sharings of the works in around the city.


On the evening of March 2nd the two week residency period will culminate in a publication launch :

The Public Live Art Second Chance Fund - Documentary Material Book The bringing together of documentary and archive material from the process of The Public Live Art Second Chance Fund with the ambition of expanding the aesthetic and political territories of the fund through the book format.

In Addition In addition to the publication, The Festival will also present a short documentary created by Visual Anthropologist Vaida Bražiūnaitė capturing the events and conversations of the jury of The Public Live Art Second Chance Fund.

Further Info can be found at the Festival

The Make Space Initiative is in co-production with the Nordic Residency Project, which will see the same four artists working in residence in Finland for two weeks - hosted by ANTI - Contemporary Arts Festival – before presenting their work as part of ANTI Festival’s programme for 2013. The Nordic Residency Project is supported by European Youth in Action, Nordisk Kulturfond, and KulturKontakt Nord. The Public Live Art Second Chance Fund was supported by the City of Reykjavík and European Youth in Action.

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