Three Icelandic productions on stage in New York in January.

03. Nov 2011

From the production Kvart by Jo Strömgren Three Icelandic companies have been chosen to perform in a showcase as part of the nordic project Nordics on Stage which will be launched in New York USA in the beginning of January.

Nordics on stage is a large scale promotion project of Nordic performing arts.

The Iceland dance company will perform Kvart by the Norwegian choreographer Jo Strömgren.  The piece was chosen out of 35 nordic works and will be performed at Gerald W Lynch theatre on January 7th.

Erna Ómarsdóttir will perform the theatrical music performance Lazyblood  and the group Kviss búmm bang Safari at Joyce Soho on January 10th.  12 Nordic productions will be showcased in total in New York during those days.   

From the theatrical concert Lazyblood Performing Arts Iceland is in charge of the project in Iceland and it is the first project PAI undertakes in preparation for the founding of a Info and Promotion centre of Icelandic Performing Arts. 

New York is the site of Nordics on Stage as the largest international gather of promoters and persenters is happening there, the APAP annual conference (Association of Performing Arts Presenters).  Up to 2000 presenters are expected to be in New York at the time, from all parts of the world.

Nordics on Stage showcase the work in collaboration with Cinars in Canada which as a long standing experience in projects of this sort.

Kviss búmm bang Photographer Eyrún Björk Guðmundsdóttir A website of the New York project is about to be launched and a booklet will be distributed to festivals and presenters in the US and Canada in December, as well as distributed amongst all APAP participants in January.   

Nordics on Stage will join hands in a nordic booth at APAP between January 6th – 10th and produce a brochure  about 50 Nordic performing arts groups which will be distibuted at major events all through the year 2012.  A DVD, with excerpts of Nordic works,  will acompany the brochure.   

Nordic embassies will support the project and host receptions.

For Performing Arts Iceland this is an important project in preparing the ground for a progressive info centre on performing arts.

Nordics on Stage is executed by Loco World, Sweden in cooperation with Dans og Teatercentrum, Norway, Danish Arts Agency, Denmark, Dans Info, Finland and Performing Arts Iceland.

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