Opið fyrir skráningu á KeðjaKlaipeda í Litháen

27. feb 2013


Kæra sviðslistafólk

Nú hefur verið opnað fyrir skráningu á KeðjaKlaipeda í Litháen sem fram fer dagana 13. - 16. júní 2013. Skráningarfrestur er til 20. mars nk. undir fyrirsögninni: National Artistic Identity in Dance.

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Upplýsingar á ensku af vefsíðu Keðju:

keðjaKlaipeda: National Artistic Identity in Dance The contemporary dance arena in the Baltic-Nordic region is one of the most diverse dance scenes in Europe. However processes of EU expansion, globalization and the international “nature” of the dance scene creates conditions that enhances the loss of national distinction in a work.

Can contemporary art be influenced by/get local flavor and relate itself to local identity? And if it does, then by what means and techniques do we emphasize our uniqueness? How can unique expression in a work be present and the work at the same time communicate widely? National artistic identity in dance – myth, speculation or real need? These are some of the questions that will be targeted in Klaipeda. Headlines from the preliminary programme (all tbc): - Key note and discussion on National Identity & Art - Panel Discussion ”Exporting Identity” - Sessions for producers etc. and dance artists: ”Identifying Audiences” and ” Identity as a mean of artistic collaboration” - Dance workshops - keðja Writing Movement workshop - Other workshops and pre-meetings of smaller networks tbc. - Performances in the city, nature and urban sites - Baltic Bubble festival - Presentations of other kedja activities such as keðja Think Tanks and keðja Mentoring Scheme - Formal and informal networking opportunities - Boat ride and Party

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