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  • Name:

    The Monster my Little Sister

  • Created by:

    Helga Arnalds

  • Icelandic title:

    Skrímslið litla systir mín

  • Director:

    Charlotte Böving

  • Set design:

    Helga Arnalds

  • Costume design:

    Eva Signý Berger

  • Music:

    Eivör Pálsdóttir

  • Lighting design:

    Jóhann Bjarni Pálmason

  • Performers: Helga Arnalds
  • Producer:

    The 10 finger Theatre

  • When and where premièred?:

    February 4th 2012

  • Webpage: www.tiufingur.is
  • Artform:

    Visual theatre - puppet theatre - visual arts

  • Production type:
  • Audience (suitable for?):

    from 3 years

  • Use of text:


  • Language of text:

    Awailable in icelandic, english, swedish and danish

  • Length:

    ca.35 min.

  • Excerpts from reviews:

    Received the Icelandic Theatre award "Gríman" as the best Children's performance in 2012.

    Ingveldur Geirsdóttir Morgunblaðið   * * * * * " The Monster my little sister is one of the most amazing theatre performances I have seen. It is really well made, convincing and makes the mind do its work - creating an even larger fantasy world than the one you see on the stage."

    Elíasbet Brekkan Fréttablaðið  * * * * * “ What is the most fascinating is that the creative process happens right in front of the eyes of the chidren, there is nothing incomprehensible nor complicated.”

    Jón Viðar Jónsson DV  * * * * ½ “...a fine and well told fairytale that captivates the attention of young audiences, just the right length and beautifully portrayed by Helga who is not only an experienced performer with great puppetry technique and skills but also knows how to talk to children as equals, never dropping into the pitfall of speaking down to the children. Neither is she trying to make a lot of “fun” , no she allows the story to live by itself, lifting it up with a few simple tools: a drawing, shadows on a curtain, her hands and fingers that can conjure living characters out of paper...no artificiality, no make believe – still fantastic and catching. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. A truth that is valid for all theatre in all times, whether it talks to us as little children or little grown ups.”

  • (Awards, other accomplishments etc.):

    Indoor performance. Total blackout required.

  • Is the production available for tour?:


  • Has the production toured?:


  • Info on recent tours:

    November 17th 2012 - "CINARS" in Montreal, Canada. September 16th and 17th – Alantica – Mariehamn Aland Island May 10th – Spring festival – Chopenhagen – Danmark March 7th - Nordatlantens Brygge- Chopenhagen – Danmark

  • Number off people on tour:

    3 people on tour

  • Number of performers on stage:

    1 on stage

  • Stage/venue requirements:

    Width: 10 m.  Height: 4 m. Depth: 11m.

  • Technical requirements:

    see tecnical rider here: http://www.tiufingur.is/tiufingur.is/Tec.rider.html

  • Founded year? By? Members? Contact?:

    Founded 1993 by Helga Arnalds

    Helga Arnalds Njörvasund 14, 104 Reykjavík Iceland

    helga@tiufingur.is tel:+354 895 3020

        • What is it?: Theatre of high artistic quality for children (3 - 93 years). An intimate musical, puppet and shadow theatre performance for one actress. Here Helga Arnalds presents a highly imaginative and entertaining show that will appeal to families and anyone interested in the creative process.  It is a story about a boy who travels through dark woods and dangerous dragon trails to the end of the world and learns on the way to love his little sister.