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  • Name:


  • Created by:

    Frank Fannar Pedersen

  • Icelandic title:


  • Costume design:

    Agnieszka Baranowska and Júlíanna Lára Steingrímsdóttir

  • Music:

    Sigur Rós, Philip Glass, Ólafur Arnalds and Hildur Guðnadóttir

  • Lighting design:

    Garðar Örn Borgþórsson

  • Choreographer:

    Frank Fannar Pedersen

  • Performers: Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Unnur Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir
  • Producer:

    Iceland Dance Company

  • When and where premièred?:

    November 22nd 2012

  • Webpage: http://id.is/syning_en/105524
  • Artform:


  • Production type:
  • Audience (suitable for?):


  • Use of text:


  • Length:

    11 minutes

  • Is the production available for tour?:


  • Has the production toured?:


  • Number off people on tour:


  • Number of performers on stage:


  • Stage/venue requirements:

    Stage The stage surface should be free from splinters, holes, and/or other obstructions, and must be swept clean prior to the company’s arrival. The stage area must be free of any obstructions, i.e. large set pieces, orchestra/choral shells, and pianos. The stage floor cannot be concrete or wood laid directly over concrete.

    • Dimensions: (minimum performing area) 10m. wide 8m. deep 5m. high to the lighting grid

    • Black marley (linoleum) dance floor

    If performed in traditional proscenium theatre:

    • Black sidelegs (preferably five (5) on either side • at least 2m. of wing space on each side • black back drop.

  • Technical requirements:


    Lighting Console • ETC congo JR or similar.

    Communication One full intercom system, containing at least three headsets, for communication between stage, sound control and light control.

    Lights • Par 64 CP62................................... 40 pcs
    • PROFILE 1kw, 15°-30° (front lighting) 18 pcs • Source 4 Junior 25° - 50° 575W Profile spot 1 pcs • Source 4 25° - 50° 750W Profile spot. 2 pcs • Lee Colors: 5207, 202, 152 and R132 frost. 1 pcs • Gobo: Rosco B size 77119 Leaf Breakup small 1 pcs

    One or more Hazers, capable of filling the stage with heavy, even haze.


    Sound Equipment Sound system must be high quality, of professional brand (Meyer, L’acoustics, D&B, EAW,) and capable of bringing 110db of frequency spectrum from 30 – 16.000 Hz to all auditiorum. Speaker setup should consist of Left, Right, Subwoofers, 2 full range stage monitors/fills.

    Mixing console: At least 6 stereo-line inputs, 3 aux sends with fully parametric 4 band EQ on every input channel. Yamaha DM-2000 / DM-1000 / O2R preferred.

    • 1 2x31 band graphiq EQ inserted to L-R outputs

    • We will bring our own audio playback system.

    Control Note: Sound mixer and light console to be at the rear of the auditorium

    Back stage, for dancers during performance and rehearsals • About 24 bottles of water for drinking • 10-15 towels

    Crew The following represents crew requirements: • One (1) sound engineer • Two to four (2-4) light engineers • Two to four (2-4) stage hands

    Head Sound and light technicians must be available at all working times. It is important that all lights must be present, marley floor laid and all curtains ready prior to company’s arrival.

        • What is it?: The piece Til shows a woman who has loved and lost. A woman stuck on the border of fantasy and reality. Hiding behind fading memories that haunt her. "To him I was the worst whom I loved the most"