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  • Name:

    Hel haldi sínu (Let Hel hold what she has)

  • Created by:

    Iceland Dance Company

  • Icelandic title:

    Hel haldi sínu

  • Set design:

    Jérôme Delbey

  • Costume design:

    Jérôme Delbey

  • Lighting design:

    Magnús Helgi Kristjánsson

  • Choreographer:

    Jérôme Delbey

  • Performers: Aðalheiður Halldórsdóttir, Arna Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Brian Gerke, Berglind Ýr Karlsdóttir, Cameron Corbett, Hannes Þór Egilsson, Hjördís Lilja Örnólfsdóttir, Ingólfur Björn Sigurðsson, Nökkvi Helgason, Steve Lorenz og Unnur Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir
  • Producer:

    Iceland Dance Company

  • When and where premièred?:

    October 5. 2012

  • Webpage: http://id.is/syning_en/104868
  • Artform:


  • Production type:
  • Audience (suitable for?):


  • Use of text:


  • Language of text:


  • Length:

    23 min

  • Excerpts from reviews:

    The setting is aesthetically strong; costumes, set, lighting and music compliment each other and create a gloomy and dreamy atmosphere The piece is charged with excitement and melancholy, it´s sexy and very impressive. Different forces fight each other and death is looming. Víðsjá, 10.10.2012

    The setting of the piece is very dramatic and the movement language is abstract but at the same time very expressive and theatrical. Morgunblaðið, 09.10.2012

    Four stars - Strong piece where all aspects of the performance compliment each other. Fréttablaðið, 09.10.2012

  • Is the production available for tour?:


  • Has the production toured?:


  • Number off people on tour:


  • Number of performers on stage:


  • Stage/venue requirements:

    12 by 12 meters floorspace, 7 meters to light rig, 2 meters free wing space on both sides.

  • Technical requirements:

    Hel haldi sínu is a dance performance in 1 part. Duration: 55 min. The performance is designed for a traditional black box theatre with grid ceiling, or a proscenium theatre with flybars. Black marley dance floor with black framing. Black back drop with black framing.

  • Founded year? By? Members? Contact?:

    Iceland Dance Company, ID, is the national dance company of Iceland. It is an independent public institution in residence at the City Theatre in Reykjavík, one of Europe’s finest theatres for dance. ID is responsible for developing, creating and nurturing Icelandic contemporary dance and choreography The company consists of ten to fourteen dancers, all sharing a background in classical training but retaining a pronounced individuality. ID puts special focus on new creations in dance as well as developing partnerships and collaborations with other artistic sectors, in particular music. The company has consistently built a repertoire of choreography by many of Europe’s leading modern choreographers. Parallel, ID, has led the development of Icelandic choreography and nurtured the talent of Icelandic choreographers who have consequently received attention from abroad. Iceland Dance Company has given numerous outstanding performances in major international dance theaters and festivals worldwide. All together Id has performed in 32 countries, 46 cities over 70 performances from 2001. At home, Id offers an annual season of performances at the City Theatre as well as holding regular choreographic workshops to support young and upcoming choreographers.

    ID's artistic director is Lára Stefánsdóttir

        • What is it?: …when brothers and sisters will rot from an extinct day, swallowed by incandescent waves; from this howling ride will gush out the white hair of a new sun, of a new dawn. A new piece inspired by nordic mythology, choreographed by the French choreographer Jérôme Delbey. The poetry, complexity and richness of the Eddas has often in history been shadowed by the Greek-Roman mythology. Let hel hold what she has tends to reexplore the creation and destruction of the world according to the ancient nordic faiths.