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  • Name:

    The Oath and something

  • Created by:

    Guðbergur Bergsson - Dramatised by Bergur Þór Ingólfsson

  • Icelandic title:

    Eiðurinn og Eitthvað

  • Director:

    Bergur Þór Ingólfsson

  • Set design:

    Eva Vala Guðjónsdóttir

  • Costume design:

    Eva Vala Guðjónsdóttir

  • Music:


  • Lighting design:

    Magnús Arnar Sigurðusson

  • Performers: Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson, Benedikt Gröndal og Erling
  • Producer:

    Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir

  • When and where premièred?:

    August 2013

  • Webpage: www.gral.is
  • Artform:

    Theatre - New Icelandic play.

  • Production type: Theatre
  • Audience (suitable for?):


  • Use of text:


  • Language of text:

    Icelandic with english subtitles

  • Length:

    90 minutes no interval

  • Is the production available for tour?:


  • Has the production toured?:


  • Number off people on tour:

    7 - 8

  • Number of performers on stage:


  • Stage/venue requirements:

    Black box theatre.

  • Technical requirements:

    Projector, Screen to project on.

  • Founded year? By? Members? Contact?:

    Theatre group GRAL (Grindvíska atvinnuleikhúsið) was founded in 2007 by theatre makers who are all connected to Grindavík, a small fishing town in the southwest of the Island. Bergur Þór Ingólfsson is the director and artistic director of GRAL. He has received critical acclaim for his work as an actor and director, most recently for directing Mary Poppins and the Wizard of OZ in the Reykjavík City Theatre (Borgarleikhúsið). Bergur is Icelands most up and coming director. His clown work has been a fresh breath into Icelandic theatre scene.

    GRAL theatre group focuses its efforts on new Icelandic plays that are often inspired by stories from the small fishing town Grindavík, where the founders of GRAL grew up. GRAL’s manifesto is to tell stories, we live and breathe through storytelling, and we need it as much as we need food and water. By thinking local we become global! GRAL has had two nominations for best play at the GRIMA THEATRE AWARDS and in 2010, GRAL won the Icelandic Theatre Prize for the children’s play Horn á höfði Contact: Sólveig Gudmundsdottir tel. 00354 6611492, Email: grindviska.gral@gmail.com

        • What is it?: POET: “How do we measure the quality of a performance? By the number of seats sold? Like you rate the performance of an airline by their passenger numbers? How high does the spirit of the theatre fly? In my view the only difference between airlines and theatres is that the airplanes fly higher then the spirit within the theatre.” The Oath and Something is an unpredictable and unusual performance about the state of the Theatre in a country where promises aren’t kept, where nationalism is forced upon the people by a new government that is trying to re-invent the recent history of Iceland’s financial crash in 2008. But if you look closely those days of “glory” are full of broken promises, false history and forced, meaningless oaths. The play also looks at the male/female relationship on stage, the masculine versus feminine license of what is “allowed” to be put on stage. How men have an endless license to philosophize and how women are expected basically just to wiggle their bum. A unique piece of theatre – decorated with true gems from Guðbergur Bergsson’s imagination. Guðbergur Bergsson is one of Iceland’s greatest living writers. His books have been published in numerous languages. The Oath and Something is his first text intended expressly for the stage. Guðbergur is from Grindavík. ABOUT THE PLAY: The Poet is standing on the stage with a pair of un-ironed trousers and a head full of unformed ideas about two plays The Oath and Something. The first play - SOMETHING - is everyman’s eternal longing to write Waiting for Godot; two men are sitting on a hospital bed, pondering the meaning of life, love and everything! A woman wearing a white hospital coat enters to sit them down and wiggle her bum. In the second play – THE OATH - The same woman keeps trying to tell her story. The woman is Ragnheidur, daughter of Brynjolfur, Icelands beloved bishop from the year 1650. She runs on stage trying to tell her story, but is either carried off stage, pushed away and in the end… shot and dragged off stage only being able to tell fragments off her story, a story we think we know, a story we have been told numerous times, but a story that we have not heard in her own words. These two plays and it’s characters fight for the attention of the Poet, until they revolt against their maker – because “rebellion, defiance and disobedience are unity“ … and pure fiction takes over. We’re headed for Something!

                            Vimeolink: https://vimeo.com/80571185

                            Password: oath and something