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  • Name:

    The Jazz Singer's Diary

  • Created by:

    Valur Freyr Einarsson

  • Icelandic title:

    Dagbók Jazzsöngvara

  • Director:

    Jón Páll Eyjólfsson

  • Set design:

    Ilmur Stefánsdóttir

  • Costume design:

    Ilmur Stefánsdóttir

  • Music:

    Davíð Þór Jónsson

  • Lighting design:

    Björn Bergsteinn Guðmundsson

  • Performers: Valur Freyr EinarssonKristbjörg Kjeld
  • Producer:

    Common Nonsense in collaboration with Reykjavik City Theatre

  • When and where premièred?:

    April 2014

  • Webpage: www.borgarleikhus.is
  • Production type:
        • What is it?: Haraldur has, according to himself, often narrowly escaped death. But after a phone conversation with the doctor, everything indicates that he will not get away this time. It is time to put affairs in order, become a decent human being. An unexpected letter from the past leads to a decision to resurrect the jazz singer, hibernating for decades. “It’s time to clean house.” Life’s big clear-out is due. The new home help has never encountered anything like it. The Jazz Singer’s Diary is a story about continuity through the generations. How the pain of one generation is passed on to the next. How the chain of pain is not broken unless pulled apart. This is a story about a fight with an invisible ill, about love, about loss, about friendship and about gratitude. The play is produced by Common Nonsense in collaboration with the Reykjavík City Theatre. This collaboration previously produced Tengdó (Mother-in-law) which swept up the awards at Gríman - The Icelandic Performing Arts Award 2012, including Performance of the Year.