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  • By Kviss Búmm Bang 
  • The participants arrive at an opening ceremony. They get their scripts and are handed out their new name. They are paired up as “wife” and “husband”. After about 20 min. a car drives everyone to their “home” where the couples stay for approximately 2 hrs, during the home trials.
  • The tasks vary between couples. For example, some people have to take a walk in the neighborhood, go to a local grocery store, watch TV and drink beer while others have more physical things to do, such as aerobics according to a dvd, take a shower and shave. One of the couple's tasks is to make dinner for six.
  • The second part of the games is when everyone gathers in the house where the dinner has been prepared. During the dinner party each participant gets questioned by locally famous person in a private interview. All of the couples are allowed to communicate with each other and everyone is allowed to speak freely as long as it serves their character.
  • After the dinner everyone is picked up and the group is brought back to the starting point where everyone gets a medal. The duration of the Norm Olympics is five hours.